Finalists: Community Digital

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Ballybough – Pride of Place

The vision behind “Ballybough Pride of Place” (BPop) is to generate an online presence – a digital version of the Ballybough community – that generates positive stories about the area, provides a focus point for fostering a sense of community, and serves as an organising tool for community improvement.

With illegal dumping occurring on a weekly basis in the community the project plan was to stop this activity, green the area and make it beautiful. The community worked tirelessly with local architects and neighbours to push the vision it had for the area and it has galvanised the community using social media to create awareness, connection and a sense of pride of the work being done.

Castleisland – Castleisland Market Town: a new digital age

The digital rebranding of Castleisland to “Castleisland Market Town … Pride in all we do” combines the heritage and legacy of their brand. The overall objective was to create a new brand for the town, reimagining Castleisland’s digital footprint and commence an extensive social media campaign to promote the strengths and attractions of the town and demonstrate their digital innovation. This  included growing engagement on Facebook through profiling members, sporting and community groups. Instagram introduced Castleisland to new audiences and engagement on Twitter increased followers. The project culminated in a launch at the town’s Christmas Market entitled ‘we’ve got Christmas covered’ which used a newly commissioned video showreel to showcase the town and provided a digital toolkit to local businesses.

Cootehill –  St Patrick’s Day celebration

They used social media and their new website to get the biggest engagement ever in the for their St Patrick’s Day Parade this year. Vivid online activity attracted national media coverage when Dermot and Dave featured Cootehill in several shows and sent their editor to participate in the parade. In a year where a lot of parades were cancelled Cootehill went bigger than ever. They used new online forms on their new community website for people to enter the parade and the new online community calendar to promote the weekend’s events.  A business section helps new companies setting up in the area, a marketplace allows companies to create a web presence and trade online

Crumlin – Connecting Crumlin’s Community

The development and implementation of effective digital strategies has enabled Crumlin Community Cleanup successfully communicate, educate and enable residents of the Crumlin and Kimmage areas to take part and learn about a wide range of environmental activities and issues. Using digital tools, their volunteer numbers have grown to 150+ rapidly and allows them to keep in contact and update residents on their initiatives such as Bloomin’ Crumlin, Crumlin Community Cleanup and Creative Crumlin.

East Galway – Galway Wild Geese

The mission for Galway Wild Geese is to realise the full potential of the towns and villages of East Galway. Through its digital project XPLORE  LOCAL, local businesses are enabled to promote themselves via web and app features that encourage interaction, participation, and insight. This includes initiatives such as virtual tokens which can only be spent on goods and services within the community. As part of its aim to create a ‘Climate Smart’ community, the Wild Geese work closely with the European Union on Climate Crisis stewardship, education and awareness and have recently been appointed Climate Change Ambassadors which means they will be supported to digitally promote and educate on climate action in more practical ways within the community, responding to the crisis from the ground up.

Limerick – Tiny Little Histories

The GAFF/Creative Communities Midwest (including Clare/Kilfinane/Murroe/Rathkeale/Bruff) brings some of the greatest untold stories and histories in the Mid West to life through their network so that their communities can access cultural and historical experiences that they will link to a digital platform. These histories will become part of a collection of histories about the Mid West that will be available online as an educational community resource.

Roscommon Town – Roscommon Rapid Response

Roscommon Rapid Response provides community members with an emergency response system to increase the numbers of people surviving a cardiac arrest. Their EmCall App coordinates community resources e.g. defibrillators & CPR trained members. With the EmAll App you can, at the press of a button on your phone ring 112/999 and provide your location coordinates and Eircode to notify the nearest 8 CPR & defibrillation responders to the incident scene.  They can identify where the nearest accessible defibrillator to the incident scene is. Medical research shows that speed and quality of medical response are the crucial factors that determines whether a person survives.