Finalists: Digital Changemaker

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Dingle Peninsula –  Digitisation driving sustainability

The Dingle Peninsula has played host to several sustainable innovation projects in recent years. Development in a dispersed rural setting needs to embrace digital technologies, i.e. sustainability and digital transformation, as well as community and enterprise development.  Building on the work they have done to date, in 2021/22 they continued to run digital technologies based workshops/ events to support our vibrant community, their businesses and their transition to a low carbon society. Recent projects include Dingle Adapts Energy Series, comprising online interviews with ESB Networks Dingle Project Ambassadors to understand how they adapted to energy efficient and renewable technologies in their day to day lives; engaging local filmmakers to produce videos highlighting sustainable energy and agriculture on Dingle Penninsula; supporting local artists to showcase their work online and the delivery of an intensive film workshop delivered from the Dingle Hub with remote access to trainers in the US, facilitated through new high spec video conferencing equipment.

Drimnagh – Tidy Drimnagh

Tidy Drimnagh was set up to bring the community together to create a cleaner, greener Drimnagh for all to work, live and play in. Social media was used to galvanise and connect the community.  A small group organised monthly litterpicks using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to encourage the community to get involved. Lockdown however necessitated creative thinking and a whatsapp group was set up to organise localised litterpicks and pick-up points were arranged with Dublin City Council.  Evidence of the hard work is posted in the form of pictures on whatsapp and the number of volunteers is at seventy and growing steadily.

Piltown – Taking charge of our Digital Future

The introduction of ‘fibre to the premises’ network has allowed Piltown to take charge of its digital future by ensuring the network is run in the interest of the community. To date the community has embraced this initiative with landowners granting access to land, volunteers working to lay cables, sharing equipment and providing expertise pro bono. Four members of the community have been trained as fibre optic technicians and a digital hub and community centre now serves 37 groups in the area. The team believe this project could be replicated in other towns and villages and are happy to share their experience knowledge.

Roscommon Town – Roscommon Rapid Response

The ambition in County Roscommon is to enable people, who experience an out of hospital cardiac event, to achieve the highest survival rate in Ireland. The team has  implemented digital technologies to enable faster communication and instant data transfer to increase response times and save lives. The EmCall App provides direct access to 112 or 999, provides location coordinates and Eircodes  and emergency  CPR trained responders are deployed immediately. The target time for response and intervention is 4-5 minutes, significantly lower than an ambulance target time of 20 minutes.