.IE Digital Town Blueprint: Methodology Overview


To help town leaders and policymakers embed their own digital town programmes and action plans in empirical data, we partnered with the Irish Institute of Digital Business at DCU to fully explore the concept and value of the ‘digital town’ through a comprehensive research project. It is the first research of its kind in Europe.

Our goals were to define the digital town; develop the metrics to measure a town’s digital readiness; and explore the potential impacts of digitalisation on a town from a variety of socio-economic perspectives.

In doing so, we created the .IE Digital Town Blueprint, a framework that uses primary and secondary data to measure a particular town’s digital readiness. The Digital Town Blueprint is designed to be used by town leaders and policymakers to assess their own towns, thereby facilitating the creation and effective rollout of a local digital strategy and action plan.

By assessing and analysing over thirty years of related research, the .IE Digital Town research team identified the appropriate indicators and dimensions that drive digital adoption and usage, and create value for towns in the real world.

The resulting Digital Town Readiness Framework allows leaders and policymakers to quickly and intuitively apply this research methodology to their own town.

The Digital Town Blueprint opens up the potential for towns to compare their progress across time and to benchmark against other towns. The Digital Town Blueprint currently aims to reflect and extend existing national and EU efforts to measure digital readiness and competitiveness and, where possible, similar measures to the European Commission’s Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) are used.

The team looks forward to working together with stakeholders to identity and build the data sets to develop the .IE Digital Town Blueprint further and maximise its potential for towns across Ireland.

Coming soon: The research Readiness Assessment Methodology Report will be available shortly.

Further information

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