Buying and selling .ie domain names

.ie domains
by Oonagh McCutcheon
24 Jan 2020

The value of a good domain name

If you are a new or established business, you already know the value of a good domain name.

Names that are easy to remember, that reflect the business you are in can have a hugely beneficial impact on your brand and on your bottom line. A good domain name leads to better conversion and creates instant credibility. Exact match domain names will rank higher in Google Search, meaning that there can be significant savings in terms of online advertising. For example, if you own the domain ‘’ it means your business will come top of search for that term.

Think about the cost per click for advertising on Google – the term ‘engagement rings’ costs €8 per click. So, if you own that domain, you will come top of organic search, resulting in significant savings.

Premium .ie domain names

Don’t worry if your preferred domain name is already taken, there is still a way to get the name you want. Since 2017, it has been possible to re-sell .ie domains as long as the purchaser can show a connection to Ireland. The cost of a domain is linked to its perceived value.

Premium names, for example those that describe a business sector or business niche, will be more expensive. Examples of industry defining .ie domain names for sale include at €40,000; at €27,000 and at €27,000. There are many other .ie domains for sale for much lower prices.

Depending on the business sector you’re involved in, it can be possible to recoup the cost of purchasing a premium domain with the sale of just one product. Think about high value items like jewellery, art or attic conversions.

What's your domain name

Factors that will influence the price of a domain name

  • Keywords – Domains with popular keywords in them are worth more because of their ability to rank high on Google and other search engines.
  • Generic value – A domain that can be used by almost any business within a given industry (for example, has generic value.
  • Brandability – Short, memorable names that are easy to spell are easy to build a brand around.
  • Age – Older domains are generally considered more valuable.
  • Length – The shorter the domain, the more valuable.
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How to purchase

There are several ways to purchase the domain name you want, even if it is not available. Auction sites like will have a listing of domains for sale and the buyer places a bid on the available name. If the domain name is not listed on an auction site, the best option is to go to a domain broker.

For the Irish market, check out They will be able to identify the owner of the domain and approach them with a view to selling. The process is completely confidential and the buyer is protected. The broker will be able to negotiate a realistic price based on their industry knowledge and experience. The money paid for the domain is placed in escrow until the deal is concluded and domain ownership transfer has been finalised. This offers a high level of protection and security for the buyer. Brokers will charge a fee for their services, usually 15% of the sale price.

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Oonagh McCutcheon is our Corporate Communications Manager and National Director of our .IE Digital Town Programme.