How to register a domain

How to register a .ie domain


Check if the name you want is available in the search box below.


Choose an Accredited .ie Registrar – a company through which you register, pay for and manage your domain. They will be able to provide you with other services such as email and hosting packages.


Complete the Registrar’s online application, send your supporting document proving your connection to Ireland and you’re done.

Choosing a domain name

Your domain name should reflect what your business is as far as possible.  All of your branding, both online and offline, will be based on your domain name so it’s important to make the right choice.

Try to mirror your business name e.g. – this will help with search and just makes it easier for your customers.

If you’re an individual who wants a domain name for personal branding you could choose your nickname, short name or full name.  1 or 2 letter domains are highly prized as they are very easy to remember.

You can also register a .ie domain name with a fada on the vowels, as used in the Irish language: á, é, í, ó, ú.

We have a handy search tool that allows you to check if the .ie domain name you want is available.

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Looking for a great domain name? See if it’s available.

Don’t worry if it is already registered, our search tool offers suggestions of alternative domain names available. It is also possible to offer to buy a domain that is registered to another party.  MORE INFO

Registration requirements

Connection to Ireland

We operate a managed registry for .ie domain names.  This means that every application for a .ie domain name is checked to make sure that the applicant has a real connection with Ireland.

Applicants can provide just one document to prove identity and connection to Ireland. By including this information with your application it can be processed without delay. Information on supporting documentation is outlined below.

First-come, first-served

Domain registrations are subject to a first-come first-served policy. Once an application is submitted, it will remain on our system for 27 days until the correct supporting information is provided. During this period, no one else can apply for this domain name.

Your application will be accepted once you provide your connection to Ireland.

NOTE: if your business or personal identification cannot be verified, you will be asked to provide additional information.

Supporting documentation

In most cases, just one document is needed to prove identity and connection to Ireland, such as an Irish passport.

Express Registration Process

  • Auto-validation – Returning Customer
    We have an express registration process for returning customers that already hold a .ie domain. A request to register an additional .ie domain will be automatically approved, if the request includes either the existing Registrant Contact ID, or the same Registrant name, email address and registrant type as used on the existing registration.
  • Auto-validation – Company
    We have an express registration process for Irish companies that have an active CRO number. When applying for a .ie domain, the Company application type just needs to be selected, the CRO number entered into the appropriate field, and the Registrant name entered correctly.


To show your connection with the island of Ireland as a company or self-employed person, please provide JUST ONE of the following:

  • RBN/CRO number – find yours here.
  • VAT number (company registered in Republic of Ireland / Northern Ireland).
  • Tax clearance certificate from Ireland’s Revenue Commissioners (or other correspondence from them showing your VAT number).


To show your connection with the island of Ireland and evidence of personal identity, please provide any JUST ONE of the following:

  • Irish Passport.
  • Irish/UK driver’s licence (showing an address in the island of Ireland).
  • Irish/Northern Irish bank statement (showing an address in the island of Ireland).
  • Official College ID (issued by any educational institution recognised by the Department of Education).
  • Public Services Card issued by the Department of Social Protection.

The options listed above cover the majority of registrations that we receive. However, if you do not fall into either category, please read our Document Requirements Page for further information or email our Registration Services Team at who will be happy to assist you.

Sending your supporting documentation

We accept photos of your supporting documentation sent by phone – ‘snap and send’. To submit documentation, you can:


A registrar is the company that you choose to register your domain name through. This may be an ISP, website developer, hosting company or a company that specialises in registering domain names. A list of our Accredited Registrars is available here.

To check what domain names are available you can use our online WHOIS search facility. A search for a name will show you if it is available. If you want to purchase an available domain name, please contact a registrar. If the domain name is not available the organisation or person who registered it and when it was registered will be listed in WHOIS. Individual owners are not listed on WHOIS following the introduction of GDPR (.ie Whois Policy). You can use the WHOIS search box on every page of this website.

We recommend that you register your domain name through one of our Accredited Registrars. Registrars will help you to register your domain name and they will usually provide related services, such as the hosting of your website and email services. To make the registration process straightforward, we recommend that you visit our How to register a .ie domain page. Here you can see what supporting information you need to submit with your application.

Registering a .ie domain has never been easier. To find out what supporting information you will need to submit with your application please visit our document requirements page.

When an application is submitted it is usually processed within 3 hours, Monday to Friday. If the registration requirements are immediately met the application will be accepted and the domain will go live in one of the IE Zone Reloads. These occur every odd hour daily (01, 03, 05, 07, 09, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23 hrs). If the registration requirements are not met you will receive an email telling you what you need send us to complete your application.

No, you can avail of the express registration process and do not need to re-submit any documents.

These are shortened domain names, where the use of one or two letters only is allowed before the .ie extension, e.g. These domains are usually in great demand as they are easy to remember and a great asset for businesses who need a memorable domain to market their work online.