How to update your details

Here is the information you need if you want to update any of your domain records.

Update Administrative Contact

The Administrative Contact for each .ie domain is the person who is authorised to make changes to the domain.

This can be the owner of the domain, a staff member or club member, or a lawyer. For domains registered to an individual, the holder must be the Administrative Contact. The Administrative Contact can be changed if an individual leaves an organisation or for various other reasons.

To change the Administrative Contact listed on your domain you will need to send us a letter signed by the current Administrative Contact on their letterhead. This letter must state:

I authorise the change of Administrative Contact for the domain xxxxxxxxx.ie from (previous Administrative Contact name) to (new Administrative Contact name and email address).

If the previous Administrative Contact is no longer with the organisation that owns the domain name, or is no longer responsible for the domain registration, please also state this on the letter. In this case the new Administrative Contact should sign the document.

Your Registrar may ask you to carry out any changes through them. Please check with your Registrar to be sure your request is sent to the right place.

Transfer Billing Contact

Your Registrar (known as Billing Contact) pays your domain renewal on your behalf. They will contact you at renewal time to make sure payment is received on time.

If you decide to change Registrar, you will need to transfer your domain name to your new Registrar and you will need an authorisation code (Authcode). The Authcode is a unique randomly generated code, assigned to your domain name, which is used to securely authorise your transfer. Once you receive your Authcode please give it to your new .ie Accredited Registrar who will complete the transfer on your behalf.

You can request your Authcode:

  1. From your current .ie Accredited Registrar.
  2. The Authcode will be directly emailed to the address assigned to the Registrant and Administrative Contact on the domain name only. If you have forgotten your username and/or *email address, please contact your current Registrar who will help you.
  3.  Direct request to our Registration Services team – the team will generate the code on your behalf. The Authcode will be sent only to the email address assigned to the Registrant and Administrative Contact on the domain name. Please note we will not give out Authcodes by phone.

Please note: You must pay a fee at the time of transfer to the new Registrar. This will renew your domain for one year.

Update Technical Contact

If you want to change your Technical Contact, please look at the information provided below.

Email or call your current .ie Accredited Registrar to update your details. Please check with your Registrar to be sure your modification request is sent to the right place.

Changing Domain Name Holder

You can reassign your domain to someone else who meets our registration criteria at any time.

How this is done depends on why you’re changing the domain holder details.

Buying, taking over, restructuring, or merging a business

To reassign the domain holder details in these circumstances, you’ll need to provide the following:

  1. Provide your Registrar with a signed document on headed paper from the current Registrant/Administrative Contact. This letter must include a signed declaration that the domain holder change is taking place as part of a transaction to buy/take over/restructure/merge a business. It must also state that you authorise the cancellation of the domain name in order to reassign it to the future owner.
  2. Information from the future domain owner showing their connection to Ireland, and proof of personal/commercial identity, as per our registration policy. Please refer to our Get your domain page for more information.
  3. The future owner must also provide their contact details to be recorded as the new Administrative Contact.

These steps should be completed at the same time to avoid the possibility of the domain being cancelled.

Changing the Domain Holder for any other reason

Please follow the process outlined on our Sell your domain page which also covers transferring your domain.

Update Nameservers

Nameservers are needed in order for your website to work. Your hosting provider will provide nameserver information.

A minimum of 2 nameservers must be included in your domain application. Nameservers are set up to host your domain. For example, the nameserver record for www.weare.ie looks like:

  • Ns0.weare.ie
  • Ns3.weare.ie

These nameservers can be changed at any stage however, any changes made are the responsibility of the Registrant Contact or their designated Administrative, Technical or Billing Contact

If you need a change to your nameserver information you should contact your Accredited .ie Registrar who will be able to help you with the process.

For more information, you can contact our Registration Services Team. Email registrations@weare.ie  or call +353 1 2365400 to speak to a team member.

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You can request your Authcode: 1. From your current .ie Accredited Registrar. 2. Direct request to the .IE Registration Services team – the team will generate the code on your behalf. The Authcode will be sent directly to the email address assigned to the Registrant Contact and Administrative Contact on the domain name.

If you need to update your email address, you can contact your Registrar, who can update the email address on your behalf. This will take effect immediately.

Once you receive your Authcode, please provide it to your new Accredited Registrar within two weeks. The registrar will then complete the transfer.

Once the transfer request has been successfully completed by your registrar, .IE will  administratively pass it automatically. The transfer details will be updated and go live at the next .ie zone update. Please note .ie zone updates occur every two hours.

The Administrative Contact must always be a named person under the .ie Registration and Naming Policy. It must be a person capable of receiving notices and giving instructions regarding the domain, so it cannot be a legal entity, such as a company. If you are registering a domain for a company, please ensure there is a separate contact for the Administrative Contact so that there is a named person in the contact name field for that role. Administrative Contact changes are all made by your Registrar, they can assist you with updating domain contact information. Please contact them to check what information they require from you in relation to this request - they can make this change for you in our systems.

A Billing Contact manages your domain registration, including its renewal. The Billing Contact is also known as your registrar.

The Technical Contact is the individual or company responsible for the nameservers listed on your domain name. If there are any problems with the nameservers at the time of registration or during future modifications, this contact will be notified by email. Updates to your Technical Contact information are made by your current .ie Accredited Registrar.

A nameserver is used to connect your domain registration to your website. Websites are hosted on computer servers. These servers are identified and located using long sets of numbers (IP addresses). These can be hard to remember. Domain names, using letters rather than numbers are easier to remember. When a user enters your domain name into their web browser, the nameservers direct users to your website (using the IP address where it is hosted).

No, the Administrative Contact must be the individual, or from the organisation, which holds the .ie domain name. This is to ensure that the control of the domain name will remain with the domain holder. The Administrative Contact has the power to transfer, renew or delete the domain name. It is important that these powers stay with only the domain holder and not with the person you commissioned to design your website or any other third party. The only exception to this rule is where a legal professional has been chosen to act as the Administrative Contact on behalf of an organisation.