.IE 20th Anniversary Competition – Winners announced!

Many thanks to everyone who entered and congratulations to the worthy winners. We hope the prize money will be helpful to their businesses.

First Prize

First prize of €10,000 goes to Finlay Motor Group.

They are based in Naas and believe the main benefit of their .ie domain is ‘Recognition of Irish company address and that we are local’.

Finlay Motor Group intends to use the cash prize to invest in its website including SEO, usability and new features such as a video chat app.

Pictured (L-R) are David McLoughlin, Sales Manager, Finlay Motor Group and Gary Finlay, Managing Director, Finlay Motor Group

Finlay Motor Group wins €10K in .IE 20th Anniversary Competition


Our two runners-up receive €5,000 each.

1 Step More is a navigation training course operator based in Wicklow.

The main benefit of a .ie domain to them? ‘Shows where I’m based. Shows I’m serious about the services I offer and am more than a just a social media presence’.

Paul Nolan, the owner intends to use the cash prize to invest in a new computer, and to train as an Arctic guide, to help develop his business.

Pictured is Paul Nolan, Owner, 1 Step More

1 Step More wins €5K in .IE 20th Anniversary Competition

Our other runner-up Meath Springboard Family Support Services is a community based registered charity in Navan.

They believe the main benefit of their .ie domain is ‘Affirm for customers that we are a local service providing supports in the local community’.

They intend to use the cash prize to create an explainer video aimed at the children of families going through a break-up or crisis, showcasing the facilities they can offer such families.

Pictured (L-R) are Helena Davis, Martina Devin and Liz Moran from Meath Springboard Family Support Services.

Meath Springboard Support Services wins €5K in .IE 20th Anniversary Competition

Check out what the winners had to say

Finlay Motor Group discuss the importance of their .ie website for their business. The cash prize will enable them to take their online presence to the next level.

1 Step More chats about what he is going to do with the cash prize and how important a .ie domain is for his business.

Meath Springboard Family Support Services tell us that they will use the cash prize to develop online resources aimed specifically at children. Their .ie domain lets people know that they are a local service.

Competition details

To celebrate 20 years in business and to mark the re-brand of the company to .IE, we had €20,000 to give away as prizes to .ie domain holders with an active website.

To enter the competition (entries are now closed), applicants had to tell us what’s the main benefit of having a .ie domain name in no more than 15 words.

All valid entries were included in a draw, from which 20 entries were selected at random.  An independent adjudicator considered the individual merits of each of the randomly selected entries and picked the winners based on their response to what’s the main benefit of having a .ie domain name.

The prize for the best entry was a €10,000 cash prize, and the prize for two runners-up was €5,000 cash prize to each runner-up. Winners were announced 11 November 2020.