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by Naomi Temple
27 Jul 2021

We have updated our suite of free e-books for 2021 which cover a range of topics. These e-books are intended as resources for SMEs to guide them on their digital journey, enabling them get online and thrive online.

Website costs

So how much should you spend on developing a website?

We take a close look at the costs involved and how to make the most of your budget when developing a new website. Our advice is broken down into practical and manageable tasks, showing you what you need to consider when going through the process.

We profile four typical Irish business scenarios: Start-up, Micro-business, Small business, Medium business.

.IE | Website costs - how much should you pay? e-book cover small

Choosing a domain name

Your domain name is a crucial part of your online business. Not only is it your online address, but it also reflects who you are as a business and your brand.

This guide takes you through the process of choosing your domain name. We outline why it is important to secure the domain name that best fits and describes your business. At the end, you should have all the tools to brainstorm domain names and know how to register one.

.IE | Choosing a domain name e-book cover small

How to get an accurate website quote

Did you know that 68% of Irish consumers spent more online in 2020 than they did in 2019? A well-designed website is crucial and can help to increase your revenue, attract new customers and market your business.

This e-book guides you through the questions you need to ask to get the best website for your business at the right cost.  It also contains a useful tender template and cost outline for the developer to complete.

.IE | Website costs - how much should you pay? e-book cover small,Guides for SMEs

Naomi Temple is our Marketing Specialist working within our corporate communications team.