Eir is moving out of the domain business

.ie domains
by Andrew Connolly
10 Dec 2021

What this means for you if you are a customer of Eir

Eir ceased providing .ie domains in 2021 and will stop supporting .ie domains in 2022 as they plan to focus on other areas of their business.

They are encouraging their .ie customers to transfer to another accredited .ie Registrar. If you are a customer of Eir you will need to transfer your .ie domain to another Registrar. The steps you need to take are outlined below.

Transferring to another Registrar

To transfer your domain name from Eir to a new Registrar, you will need an authorisation code (Authcode). The Authcode is a unique randomly generated code, assigned to your domain name, which is used to securely authorise the transfer.

You can get you Authcode:

The Authcode will be sent directly to the email address of the Registrant Contact and Administrative Contact on the domain name. Please note we will not give out Authcodes by phone.

A renewal payment for the domain is required when transferring your domain to a new Registrar. If your domain is not due for renewal when you transfer, this will renew the domain in advance.

Once you receive the Authcode please provide it to your new .ie accredited Registrar who will complete the transfer for you.

Andrew Connolly manages our Registrar channel and works within the corporate communications team.