Finalists: Digital Changemaker

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BallydehobVirtual Tour – interactive tool showcasing this hidden gem

Ballydehob is one of the first to provide a virtual tour of an entire town which includes interactive and social elements showcasing business, people, culture, history and landscape of this hidden gem to audiences in Ireland and around the world.  It allows visitors to ‘meet the locals’ through audio recordings.  The project team adopted digital communications such as video explainers, landing pages, web forms and tools like Google Sheets. The social impact of the project has been significant – the local community, for whom digital was a new concept, embraced it with enthusiasm and plans are already underway to develop the concept further.

CrumlinChange Clothes Dublin to promote sustainable clothing solutions

Change Clothes Dublin is a clothes-swapping initiative to promote sustainable clothing solutions.  This includes re-learning skills such as mending, sewing and upcycling. A local group. Connecting Crumlin’s Community, provided seed funding for the initiative. The investment was used to build a website which includes an events’ booking and equipment hire feature. They are using social media to build awareness and also use personalised email marketing. Preventing over 32 tonnes of carbon admissions, this local revolution has the ability to make a big impact.

GlasnevinParking Protect – an AI powered App to report accessible parking misuse

Parking Protect is focused on promoting accessibility for all by providing an AI-powered App that makes it easy for people to report accessible parking misuse. By leveraging AI technology, they are able to provide a more accurate and efficient reporting system. The objectives of the project are to reduce accessible parking misuse, increase the number of accessible parking spaces available, and foster a more inclusive community for people with disabilities.

KilleenCommunity Planning Platform with data visualisation to promote community involvement

The Killeen community planning dashboard is a live community plan which facilitates input from all members of the community on issues and developments that are important to them. By using a digital platform, it ensures that information is up to date and relevant; it provides data visualisation tools; and survey and feedback tools. This stimulates community involvement, creates an ambition to do more and ensures all stakeholder are kept informed in real time.

KinsaleDoing Business in Kinsale App

This App acts as the central hub for all things Kinsale. Through an interactive map feature, the community can pinpoint the locations of businesses, organisations and health services.  It includes relevant topics from stakeholders in the community, keeping its residents up to date on current events. It allows employers to advertise positions and connect with potential employees.  The App acts as a platform for connection, providing much needed positive messaging and regular user-friendly updates.