.IE Digital Town Blueprint: Taking the next steps

A developing project

Our .IE Digital Town Programme is a developing project. We welcome communication from town leaders and policymakers across Ireland interested in using the Digital Town Blueprint or learning more about the wider .IE Digital Town initiative.

The .IE Digital Town Blueprint provides town decision-makers and stakeholders with a rigorous, academically reviewed framework for defining and measuring their town’s digital capabilities, as well as the basis for the creation of a data-driven digital action plan that accurately addresses a town’s strong and weak points.

In the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, local and national resources, particularly funding, will be in high demand and short supply. Knowing where to direct the resources a town has at its disposal will be crucial to ensuring maximum return on investment. Significant government funding will be available in the immediate short-term. Applications for funding supported by a well-documented plan, grounded in the .IE Digital Town Blueprint, are more likely to succeed.


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