Irish SMEs are adapting to new consumer behaviours

.ie domains
by Erin McDonald
16 Sep 2021

Eolas Magazine – September 2021

The pandemic is having a sustained effect on the .ie domain. The latest .IE Domain Profile Report, which analyses and explores the .ie database, shows a clear correlation between the Government’s decision to lock down sections of the economy and changes in new .ie domain registrations.

33,815 new .ie domains were registered in the first half of 2021 (H1: 1 January–30 June), an almost 2% increase on the same period last year, marked by the beginning of the pandemic in Ireland. H1 2021 is the best first half-year period on record for new .ie domain registrations.

This increase is also good news for the broader economy and its recovery. The CSO recognises domain registrations as a forward indicator of digital intent and future e-commerce activity.

At 51%, the .ie domain holds the highest market share of all hosted top-level domain names in Ireland, ahead of .com with 32%. Ireland, with 9.6% growth year-on-year, is the second fastest-growing country code domain in Europe, behind Portugal at 10.8% growth year-on-year.

Authentically Irish and trusted at home and internationally, the .ie domain remains the domain of choice for Irish businesses and individuals.

New .ie registrations in H1 2021 up 1.6% year-on-year

Responsiveness and adaptability

In Q1 2021, during the post-Christmas lockdown, new registrations increased by almost 34% year-on-year. Registrations continued upwards in January and peaked in March, at which point non-essential retail had been closed for three months. SMEs clearly recognised that a web presence was the only effective means of staying connected with customers or, indeed, staying open at all.

In Q2, registrations gradually slowed as non-essential retail re-opened and the vaccine rollout accelerated. Numbers, while still high, decreased 22% compared to Q2 2020, the period of Ireland’s first lockdown.

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