Acceptable Use Policy Definitions

These definitions are used throughout our Whois and Acceptable Use Policy.


Administrative Contact means the nominated point of contact who represents the domain holder, and has the authority to requests changes to the domain registration.

Category means the nature of intended use for the domain name.

Class means the legal status of the applicant or registrant.

Domain Holder means the party who has been granted the right to use the proposed domain name.

.IE means the .IE Limited, who is responsible for the management of the IE namespace.

Nameservers are used to host a website. For .ie domains, a minimum of two are required with each request for registration, and these must be configured in accordance with RFC protocols 1034 and 1035, and with authoritative zones to host the domain in question.

Status refers to the billing or locked status of the domain name.

Technical Contact is any party appointed by the Administrative or Billing Contact for a domain, which is permitted access to the .IE Console in order to make nameserver changes.