Significant digital growth suggests businesses recognise that an online presence is essential

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by Ellie Wong
16 Sep 2020

EOLAS Magazine - September 2020

According to our latest .ie Domain Profile Report, new .ie registrations in the first six months of 2020 grew 26% compared to the same period last year. The strong year-on-year growth in new registrations can be linked to the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown.

The significant digital growth suggests that businesses and entrepreneurs recognise that an online presence is essential in order to maintain and grow revenue, explains our CEO, David Curtin.

Over 40% of new .ie registrations on the island of Ireland occurred in the two months of May and June, as businesses responded with online services, following the Government’s ‘work from home’ order which closed most of the country’s business premises. Overall new registrations in Ireland during Quarter 2 increased 56% year-on-year. As a reliable forward economic indicator, this is a clear statement of intent by Irish business.

Island of Ireland .ie new registrations

With main streets temporarily shut down, the increase suggests that more companies, self-employed business owners, and independent professionals have gone online since the lockdown to maintain their revenue streams, stay in contact with customers, and expand into new markets. The Covid-19 pandemic has had a noticeable effect on new .ie registrations across virtually the entire country. 31 of the island’s 32 counties recorded an increase in the first six months of 2020.

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