SME online success story: fresh thinking for top Irish fish supplier

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SME online success story
by Naomi Temple
20 Feb 2018

Our recent dot ie Digital Health Index (Q4 2017) reveals that SMEs are realising the benefits of selling online. While only 40% of Irish SMEs with websites can take sales orders, it is a notable improvement on just 30% in the previous wave of research.

One of our accredited Registrars,, has highlighted a particular success story from one of their customers – Eat More Fish.

Who is Eat More Fish?

Eat More Fish is an Irish online fishmonger which sustainably sources high quality seafood locally from all corners of Ireland; from Donegal to Mayo, Galway to Cork and everywhere in between.

The bulk of Eat More Fish’s business actually takes place online, and central to its success is their .ie website which shows off their Irish heritage and provenance of their produce.

The importance of being a .ie

Eat More Fish is one of many Irish businesses proudly showing off their Irish roots, and reaping the benefits at the same time.

With the ‘Wild Atlantic Way’, Ireland is recognised as a leading supplier of fresh fish. For Eat More Fish having a .ie online address taps into that ‘trust’ and offers reassurance of the company’s Irish heritage and authority as a trusted supplier.

Additionally, using a .ie domain name can help to rank higher in Google search engine results, specifically in Irish searches. The likelihood of getting the name you want is also higher since .ie names are more available to acquire.

Significantly for Eat More Fish, having a .ie online address instantly shows their connection with Ireland and helps to drive local sales.

Why it’s important to have an online shop

Operating for more than 15 years, Eat More Fish has developed a strong brand identity.

From humble beginnings back in 2002, what started as a small pop-up fish stall at the Galway market has become one of Ireland’s top artisan seafood producers to households and restaurants.

It’s clear to see how this company has risen to success. It has an uncompromising business model which sells high quality fresh produce both on and offline. The bulk of orders are taken through their user friendly website, which has a memorable and local domain name, and lets the customer choose how they want to receive it. There is the option of a free and convenient Click & Collect system or a home delivery service.

Since Eat More Fish got their .ie online address, business has seen a significant increase in sales due to online orders, along with an associated lift in offline sales.

What can we learn from Eat More Fish?

If there are any lessons we can learn from Eat More Fish, it’s to have a clear presence both on and offline and to trade on your unique selling points.

Their Irish heritage is one of their key assets to customers, and there’s no better way to demonstrate this than with an Irish dot ie domain name.

The company’s philosophy is: “We want the Freshest, We want the Biggest, We want the Best, We want it All!”

It’s not a bad ambition to have!

Naomi Temple is our Marketing Specialist working within our corporate communications team.