The internet needs guardians, guides and stewards

.IE Tech
by David Curtin
22 Jun 2023

Eolas Magazine – June 2023

Cyber threats have grown exponentially and there is significant change in the global regulatory environment impacting cybersecurity and data protection. Strong internet governance is critical.

The digital transformation of our economy and society has been monumental. With the ever-increasing digitalisation of personal and work life, it has become increasing evident that cyber threats, be they by criminals or nation-state actors, pose an evolving risk to the everyday working of society.

It is also a time of significant regulatory change. The EU Network and Information Security Directive (NIS2) regulations are upon us and must be implemented by member states by October 2024. This Directive aims to achieve a high common level of cybersecurity across EU member states and to create a high level of harmonisation with regard to security requirements and reporting obligations across the EU. It is essential that the Government and relevant organisations come together to ensure that businesses across Ireland are ready to implement the required regulations.

More than ever, the internet needs guardians, guides and stewards to ensure and promote good internet governance.

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David Curtin is our Chief Executive Officer.