At .IE we were pleased to support Cyber Security Month

.IE Tech
by Oonagh McCutcheon
02 Nov 2020

Cyber security is of vital importance to the Irish economy and to society. Protection of IT systems, data services and communications networks is vital at a macro level, where government needs to ensure cyber security in the face of increased threats. However, at a micro level cyber security is also a concern for Irish SMEs. A Hiscox report on cyber preparedness in 8 countries including Ireland, was published earlier this year. It shows that while cyber incidents against companies are decreasing (down to 39% from 61% in 2019), the financial impact has grown. The median cost to the 1,971 companies in the survey who had cyber incidents and breaches over the past 12 months, was $57,000. This is a six-fold increase on the previous year’s $10,000.

The report also states that companies with fewer than 12 computers, and where anti-virus or anti-spyware was not deployed consistently across the organisation, were particularly likely to be super targets.

What can hard-pressed Irish SMEs do to reduce the threat of cyber attacks, especially in the context of working from home and Covid-19.  We’ve written a blog with helpful IT tips for SME owners.

Education and training is fundamental to reducing the possibility of a cyber attack. The ICT Skillnet has a range of courses to help businesses prepare and upskill.  Another great source of information and training is Cyber Ireland who are hosting lots of events to mark Cyber Month. There is a wealth of information on the IRISS website, ranging from how to deal with malware, IP breaches, website defacement and more.  It also has a useful hints and tips section.

We’re delighted to show our support for Cyber Security Month through our membership of Cyber Ireland.

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Oonagh McCutcheon is our Corporate Communications Manager and National Director of our .IE Digital Town Programme.