Judging Criteria 2024

The .ie Digital Town Awards judges want to hear about digital projects that have contributed to the development of your town. In particular, they want to see what plans are in place, how those plans have been implemented and evidence of an organising committee or group, as well as whole town buy-in.

There are two main sections to the .ie Digital Town Award application form.  The first is the Digital Vision, where the judges want to see details of how digital innovation will contribute to the betterment of the town and how it will benefit the wider town community.

The second section is Digital Projects.  In this section, applicants are asked to provide specific information on project completed, underway or in planning. It is also possible to include the digital element of other, broader projects underway.

Judges will need to see details of your digital plan/roadmap, estimated outcomes and how these will be measured.  They will want to see how the digital initiative/project has contributed to the betterment of the town and its citizens.

Digital Vision (Strategy) Criteria40 points
Describe the ambition, thinking and rationale behind the initiative, as well as the expected outcomes and the impact it will have on the town. Explain how it contributes to the overall digital development of the town and changing of attitudes/culture.
Description of the ambition and rationale behind the initiative10 points
Expected outcomes and impact10 points
Contribution to overall digital development of the town10 points
Impact on attitudes to digital change10 points
Digital Projects (Tactics) Criteria60 points
Describe how the digital project was implemented including objectives, KPIs, timeline, personnel/groups involved, what results/outcome/impact it had. Explain how various groups within the town were coordinated (if relevant) and how engagement and collaboration were fostered. Provide information on how knowledge and experience were shared during the project. Demonstrate digital innovation – this can include using digital technology to do new things or to do existing things more efficiently/better. Outline where your project had the greatest impact – social/community/business? Include information on future plans for the continuation of the project or ambitions for additional projects. Please ensure all answers are specific and verifiable.
Project description, project plan and timeline10 points
Personnel/groups involved/ engagement and collaboration10 points
Sharing knowledge and experience10 points
Social/community/business impact10 points
Innovation – using technology to do new things or existing things better10 points
Future plans10 points
Digital Rising Star Criteria15 points
A town or group within a town at the start of their digital journey, which is or which has the potential to be a role model for others to follow. It will have the potential to become a digital leader in future. Their digital project or initiative may be small but the passion and ambition behind it will mark them out as a Digital Rising Star. They will demonstrate ambition, creativity and the ability to use digital thinking to disrupt and improve their town.
Judges will look for three distinct reasons as to what makes the applicant stand out and marks their potential to be a star of the future.15 points
Digital Changemaker Criteria15 points
A digital changemaker is a group within a town that sees a problem and finds a way to fix it. In doing so, they create a template for others to follow. It’s a group that makes a difference and is motivated to act when they see a problem that needs to be solved. They will demonstrate how they took ownership and kept trying to advance the common good. They will demonstrate how the used digital to achieve their ambition.
Judges will look for three distinct reasons as to what makes the applicant stand out and marks their status as a digital changemaker.15 points
Digital Hero Criteria
This will be someone in your community who is an unsung hero, who works tirelessly on initiatives to promote the digital enhancement of the town or a group in the town. Nominations for the Digital Hero should include a description of why the person nominated should win the award.
The winner will be chosen at the discretion of the judging panel.

Judging Panel

Meet our esteemed panel of expert judges for the .ie Digital Town Awards 2024.

All terms and conditions of the .ie Digital Town Awards can be viewed here.