Reserved .ie Names

A reserved domain name is one which the Registry has decided to keep off of the list of names available to register.  This can occur for a variety of reasons, including commercial considerations, historical, policy or administrative reasons.  However, it is possible to apply for a reserved name if you meet certain criteria.

There is also a category of domain names that are blocked for security or technical reasons and these cannot be applied for and will not be available for registration nor will a list of these names be published.

Applying for a .ie Reserved Name

You may eligible to apply for a reserved domain name, if you meet the following criteria:-

  • You can demonstrate a connection to Ireland which is a registration requirement as outlined in the .ie Registration and Naming Policy, and
  • You have legitimate grounds for registering the name, and
  • The registration of the name to the applicant is in the public interest of the broader .ie namespace (meaning that the registration of the name to the interested party would represent a substantive benefit to the wider Irish internet community)

How to apply for a Reserved .ie Domain Name

The following information is required to apply for a reserved domain name. The information should be sent by email to

  • Domain Name (including the .ie suffix)
  • Proposed Domain Holder (who is requesting to register the .ie domain name)
  • Contact Email Address (this must be an email address for the Domain Holder)
  • Contact Postal Address (this must be a postal address for the Domain Holder)
  • Contact Phone Number (this must be a phone number for the Domain Holder)
  • Comments
    1. Include information in support of your request to register this .ie name. Explain why you believe the name should be released from the Reserved Name list and registered to you.
    2. If you are showing your connection to Ireland with a commercial or trademark number, you can include this here.

What happens next?

  1. Our Registration Services Team will review your request.
  2. If your request is accepted, you’ll be asked to contact an accredited .ie Registrar to submit your application. (Note to Registrars: the domain will be reassigned to the eligible domain holder).
  3. If your request to register is refused, and you feel there is additional information in support of your request that should be taken into consideration, you can provide this information to us using the web form, and we will review the request again. Our Registration Services Team will review the additional information you provide, and make a recommendation to the company’s Management Team. They will consider your information, along with the recommendation, and either accept or refuse the request.
  4. If your request to register is refused again, and you feel there is further information that should be taken into consideration, you can submit an appeal to the .IE Board of Directors, by writing to the Company Secretary at 2 Harbour Square, Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, A96 D6R0.

The supporting information you provide will then be sent to the .IE Board of Directors for its decision on the matter. The appeal to register will then be reviewed and a recommendation made.

List of Reserved .ie Domain Names


.ie Domain Policies

Further information on the full range of .ie domain policies is available here.

Available .ie Domain Names

There are many available .ie domain names. You can check for available names in the search box below.

To be considered an available name it –

  • Must not be currently registered to another party, or,
  • Must not have any open, pending application requests for registration, or
  • Must not be included on the .ie Reserved Name List, or .ie Blocked Name List, as published on our company website,, or
  • Must not display a “Reserved” or “Blocked” label on the .ie WHOIS service, or
  • Must not be otherwise prohibited from registration by the Registry for technical and/or security reasons. Note that a list of such names is not made publicly available.

Available names can be applied for on a first-come, first-served basis. You can apply through any accredited .ie Registrar.

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