.ie Digital Town Awards Winners and Runners Up 2024

by Ryan Levis
24 May 2024

On Friday 24 May 2024, we were delighted to host our annual award ceremony to crown the latest winners and runners-up in the .ie Digital Town Awards.

Hosted in the Sheraton Hotel, Athlone, with Jess Kelly, Technology Correspondent at Newstalk as MC, entries across 10 digital  categories were recognised for how they illustrated that digital innovation fosters inclusive and sustainable communities.

David Curtin, CEO of .ie, addressed the audience during the awards ceremony and Oonagh McCutcheon, our National Director of the .ie Digital Town Programme, announced the category winners and runners-up, along with our sponsors.

Midlands Ireland are the Overall Winner of the .ie Digital Town Awards 2024

Midlands Ireland, was crowned the overall winner of the .ie Digital Town Awards 2024. In addition to winning the Education category prize, Midlands Ireland was awarded the additional overall winner prize.

Across the Midlands region, industry, government, and education stakeholders are coming together to collaborate on embedding digital education programmes for students and young people across the region.

With the Midlands region being directly impacted by the green transition, the development of future skills in new industries is key to the future of the region.

By collaborating across the counties of Laois, Longford, Offaly and Westmeath, the aim is to embed digital education programmes in schools across the region.

9 categories and 1 overall winner
  • Digital Education
  • Digital Tourism
  • Digital Community
  • Digital Business
  • Digital Sustainability
  • Digital Newcomer
  • Digital Rising Star
  • Digital Changemaker
  • Digital Local Hero

In total, 16 town and community digital projects were recognised at this year’s .ie Digital Town Awards 2024.

Winners and Runners-Up across the six main categories, three special category winners and one overall prize winner.

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Digital Local Hero Winner

Carrigallen | Alan Kelly

Scoil Mhuire Naofa aspires to provide additional opportunities for inclusion for pupils with Additional Educational Needs and Special Educational Needs via Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education activities.
As a school with multiple special classes for autistic pupils, it continually strives to provide an overall school experience that meets the needs of ALL of pupils.

They want to foster STEM amongst our female pupils.

Discussions with the Student Council and Parents’ Association, identified digital education as an area of great opportunities for all pupils

◉ Digital Education Category


Midlands | Digitisation, ICT, Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering

Across the Midlands region, industry, government, and education stakeholders are coming together to collaborate on embedding digital education programmes for students and young people across the region.

With the Midlands region being directly impacted by the green transition, the development of future skills in new industries is key to the future of the region. By collaborating across the counties of Laois, Longford, Offaly and Westmeath, the aim is to embed digital education programmes in schools across the region.

The region is investing in future generations by giving them the skills required for jobs, which may not be considered yet.


Friends of the Elderly | Dublin 1

Friends of the Elderly, through its technology club, aims to remove barriers for older people in using technology.

The use of technology has grown rapidly over the last decade and the aim is to empower members to embrace technology and learn the fundamental skills around internet safety, email, paying bills and communicating via the internet.

The mission is to lessen the digital divide and help members to connect with friends, family and community.

◉ Digital Tourism Category


Digital Ennistymon with Waywyser | Ennistymon

The objective of the project is to improve Ennistymon for visitors and the residents of the town using digital technologies.

Ennistymon has the unique challenge of too many tourists passing through because of the Cliffs of Moher, but not enough tourists dwelling.

The project is promoting the attractions of Ennistymon in an innovative tech-centred way to slow passing tourists down and keep them in the area.

This includes a drone based mapping of the town, creation of a 3D interactive map, Visitor Attraction Management (VAM), 360 degree recording of the town and IOT device integration.


Headford Lace Trail | Headford

Headford Lace Trail is a soundwalk with a twist. This immersive heritage experience turns expectations of an audio tour inside out, using the power of bobbin lace and geolocation to transport users to the Headford of the past and meet the people who live there.

Accessed individually with a smartphone and headphones, the outdoor walk features site-specific interviews, drama, and specially composed music and song – all combining through rich sound design to bring the past to life.

◉ Digital Community Category


Nature Walker App | Wexford

The aim of this project is to give people who are unable through physical or psychological impairments the opportunity to explore a park or scene of natural beauty.

This was achieved by creating an Augmented Reality app to encourage participation in physical activity.

This app could be associated as a scaffolding exercise, wherein the familiarity of seeing the area of interest encourages the user to eventually visit the area (if they are able to do so, with whatever assistance they require) according to Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development theory.


Smart 8 | Dublin 8

Smart D8 is a population health and wellbeing demonstrator in Dublin; a pioneering initiative launched in 2021. Focused on Dublin 8, a diverse area with 43,000 citizens, the project identifies and tackles local health challenges through innovative cross-sector partnerships.

Through a diverse consortium, Smart D8 connects healthcare, government, academia, industry and community stakeholders to create early access pathways to community health innovation.

The Smart D8 initiative demonstrates a holistic preventative approach to community health and wellbeing by connecting real-world needs to impact social and economic determinants – fast tracking health innovation pathways with the local community, to scale (inter)nationally.

◉ Digital Business Category


Future Mobility Campus Ireland | Shannon

Future Mobility Campus Ireland is an automotive test facility located in the real-world setting of the Shannon Free Zone, providing customers with the ability to test, validate and demonstrate their technologies.

Customers have access to a road network that is retrofitted with interconnected state of the art sensing and telecommunication technologies or a “Smart City Infrastructure,” which is controlled via a dedicated control centre.

Facilities include the fibre connected ‘Smart City’ as well as a fleet of test vehicles, low-speed manoeuvring test track and a large-volume data centre for storage and high-speed data processing.


Collaboration & Innovation in the Heart of Limerick City | Limerick

The Engine Collaboration Centre and Engine Hubs are unique projects which have been created by Innovate Limerick in consultation with industry partners and entrepreneurs.

These initiatives have been inspired as a result of extensive collaboration and engagement with SME’s, multinationals, third level institutions and other members of the business and tech community across the Mid-West Region.

The Engine Collaboration Centre has been developed as a driver of collaboration between multi-national companies (MNC’s), small-medium enterprises (SME’s) and Start-Ups to co-work on shared problems, to explore, investigate, develop solutions and innovate together.

◉ Digital Sustainability Category


Trim | Using AI to make air quality relatable and relevant to citizens

The Trim air quality monitoring project translates hard data into a language that everyone can understand. The project uses sensors placed at strategic locations in the town.

The data processed through SRIAD:AIR, an AI tool which shows the health impacts of poor air quality. It provides information on the prevalence of diseases like diabetes, heart disease, strokes and pulmonary diseases. Several workshops have been delivered for primary and post primary schools in Trim so they can learn more about air quality and work is progressing on using the data to implement local behavioural change.


Knockcroghery | Music in The Forest – Hybrid Festival

Music in the Forest Hybrid Festival offers an alternative solution to the environmental impact generated by pre-pandemic music festivals, supporting artists who want to share music and art in a more sustainable and innovative way.

This is a live streamed event with participants from different parts of the world. The Festival is a growing community of people who are getting together, motivated to make things happen differently in our current, challenging times to protect and strengthen future generations on this planet.

We support global and local artists and choose to work with local businesses wherever possible.

◉ Digital Newcomer Category


Athlone | Midlands Polish Community TV

MPC-TV is part of Midlands Polish Community CLG and was established in 2020 to support integration and inclusion.

It gathers a group of multinational volunteers and video enthusiasts who are developing a pioneering opportunity in rural Ireland.

It uses digital technology to tell the stories from the community in a modern, interesting way by publishing video studio productions and live broadcast of different events in the locality. Over 100 recordings and live streams were produced and published on MPC-TV internet channel.


Headford | Headford Online – smart villages

Headford online is an interactive website that serves as a centralised hub for diverse content, including community news, local sports coverage, tourism highlights, historical insights, details on upcoming events, and more.

The comprehensive website also features listings of community groups and local businesses, offering a valuable resource for residents and visitors alike.

This initiative is the culmination of the Headford community’s dedicated efforts following successful Smart Villages training earlier this year, where the project originated from community ideas generated during the training, conducted by Galway Rural Development.

◉ Digital Rising Star and Digital Changemaker Category

Digital Rising Star Winner

Truagh | Truagh Spirit Wise & Well Social Club

Blending AI & community spirit, Wise & Well from Truagh Spirit is a new social club for over 65’s. Addressing the post Covid-19 issue of loneliness, Wise & Well is an inter-generational blend of camaraderie and modernity.

This club not only fosters connections but also prioritises digital literacy, offering training sessions to empower seniors in using technology, making it accessible, practical and fun.

The club also offers day trips and social opportunities, allowing members to bond over shared experiences. Special occasions will be marked with dinner dances.

This approach ensures that the club becomes irreplaceable, encouraging friendship and technological proficiency.

Digital Changemaker Winner

Waterford | Waterford Digital Story Trail

This innovative experience seamlessly combines audio, augmented reality, and a simple-to-use web interface which allows visitors to interact with Waterford city’s rich past.

Using a mobile device, visitors are transported to 15 key locations where they can listen to tales from historical figures and witness AR recreations of pivotal moments, such as the crafting of Waterford Crystal and the first design of the Irish flag.

This trail educates and entertains, making history accessible and engaging for all ages.