Allan Mulrooney

Allan Mulrooney is currently serving as the Chief Executive of the Western Development Commission which plays a pivotal role in steering the economic and social development of the West of Ireland. With a background in communications, Allan previously held the position of Head of Communications at the WDC before assuming his current leadership role.

Allan’s professional journey included impactful roles with IDA Ireland and eir,. Before that, he honed his skills at Thinkhouse, a globally recognized PR and marketing agency and as country manager for Monster Energy.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Allan has consistently channelled his energy towards community building. For over a decade, he has been at the helm of the Strandhill People’s Market in Co. Sligo, facilitating a platform for over 100 SMEs. His commitment extends to sustainable tourism projects, exemplified by his involvement in the development of and the establishment of Shore Shots, the Irish Surf Film Festival, which he successfully ran for six years.

Demonstrating a global perspective on community impact, Allan founded a charity focused on building schools in Java, Indonesia. Over a five-year period, the charity erected five schools in an area severely affected by a devastating earthquake. Allan’s insights into community dynamics, coupled with his dedication to fostering strength and resilience, make him a respected judge in various capacities, including this year for our awards.