Western Development Commission

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The Western Development Commission is a statutory body that promotes the social and economic development of the Western Region of Ireland. The organisation has a €75m Investment Fund which provides loans and equity to businesses and local communities in the region, helping them to scale and grow.

The WDC policy team advise the government on issues that impact the Region. Working closely with other stakeholders, the WDC works to raise the profile of living, working and moving to the region and you may have seen their 6 part TV series on TG4 called Moving West.  Active EU projects within the WDC support the growth of key emerging areas such as Renewable energy and the green & creative economy.

The WDC are co-ordinating the National Hub Network, ConnectedHubs.ie, in partnership with the Department of Rural and Community Development. This new platform aims to simplify the process of sourcing and booking spaces, desks and offices across Ireland for individuals and companies now planning a hybrid working model or working remotely. WesternJobs.ie , another new platform launched in 2021 connects jobseekers looking to relocate or find a new role with employers in the West.

See www.westerndevelopment.ie for more.

Western Development Commission